May 11th, 2007

wesley grr

Training by

I had an exciting adventure this evening. After work, being without car for week while it's getting repaired, I've been train/bussing it. So I'm on the Armadale line heading for Maddington (which is a dimly lit, car-breaking-in station) and this drunk, 40+, smokin, drinking old man is STARING at me for most of the journey home, and even tries to chat me up! But I ignore him and get off at Gosnells (well lit, security cameras/guards etc) and call Dad there to pick me up. While I was getting off, the sleazy bastard stood up as if to get off too! But thank goodness he didn't. And yay for safe train stations.

So it's not much of an adventure, but meh, it just happened and I wanted to blog it. :D
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