May 12th, 2007

portman casual

I don't chuck no sickies.

I am sicks again. I think with another cold. What is about this year that is making me sick? Stuffy head, sore throat, blocked sinuses. eugh! no good.

In other news, work was really slow last night. And not only that, there were 3 people working instead of 2, because I was training Lachlan to do the senior shift. Which mostly involved counting stuff, like money. So I'd give Lachlan a job, and Jocelyn a job and then I'd be all "what can I do? refill the sauce bottles? no, too early for that. Take out the bread? No, that's a senior job and I need to get Lachlan to do it so he knows how... and it's too early for it." So I ended up doing a bunch of this-never-gets-cleaned jobs. So work went well.

The trains running on the Fremantle line were not running last night, as they're resleepering the rails. So Gene actually came and kept me company on the way home via buses and trains. When we got to Queens Park (on the Armadale line) and to his car, there was this lady who was all "can I walk with you (it being almost midnight at this point), there's a bunch of creepy guys over there" and we were both, "uh, sure, but there's the car. Would you like a lift?" So we ended up giving her a lift home. Which made us good citizens. Yay! But then I was so completely tired (because of being sick) that on the way home, I feel asleep in his car. Lol. But I got home safely in the end. Yay!

Oh, Peter, my computer is broke!