May 14th, 2007

house scram

Internet Crazy

What's with the crazes that go around on the interwebs. First there be blogs. But when they start, the blog craze isn't big enough to single out one over another. Livejournal, deadjournal, blogspot etc. They all took a place to fit different people. But then came myspace. The throw-back to 1995 html that couldn't be customized to save itself etc those who had elite expertise in html and css coding. But somehow, managed to capture everyone's attention. Although I've no idea how.
Now the next craze to get everyone's attention, is the slightly better organised (and looking) facebook. I got myself one just yesterday. Free image hosting, just like myspace. Networking genius, much better organised than myspace. No adds! (I rejoice!)

Still took a little getting used to. I've been a part of LJ for so long, that I take all my know-how for granted. So if I were to change things or add things, it'd be second nature. Facebook, I'm sure I'll get the hang of soon enough. It's certainly nice to free photo hosting that friends can access easily. Although, my photo-bucket still lives from the days of yonder youth. And in the past two days, I've been racking through it, finding all such photo's that have been hidden away, waiting to be revealed to the public.
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