May 15th, 2007


More sickness

So I get over one infection just fine, and then I get another one!!!

Went to the doctor today to check out my sore throat. I have a viral throat infection! Where on earth did I pick this one up? *is clueless* Damn damn damn! And the infection is giving me a rash across my belly, chest, shoulders and cheeks. So my face looks like I'm in the middle of an outbreak. I was a bit confused when that happened, because my complextion has been rather well behaved in recent years.

This infection tho, I just have to wait out. My throat's already getting better. Less sore than yesterday and the day before. But blah! BLAH! and bleh. :P

Oh well. Oh, and I handed in my resume at Myers yesterday. Here's hoping they call me back or something about an interview. It would be an excuse, at the very least, to buy to clothes to wear to work. I don't have an overabundance (or any) or white blouses and black pants/skirts etc.
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