May 20th, 2007

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Birthday Invitations

I am still making invitations today. Is a long process. I have to print stuff on pretty card and pretty paper, then cut both up, glue them together, stick a bit of ribbon on, then cut again. Dad has a guillotine, and all I can say in response to his having one is YAY! It is making the cutting of everything so much easier. Except now, I'm at a stopped place. The printer doesn't like printing on card, and the option available to me as the alternative, is to photocopy on to the card. But the photocopier is at the church, and it is currently closed as church is over for the day. So, I've only got 1/3 of the card printed, all the paper printed and cut, and I've run out of ribbon. So, only about 1/4 of the total amount of invitations completed.

But I'm watching Muppets From Space while I'm doing this, which is quite pleasant. Oh, and I need to write out my list of invited people again, as I wrote it out first in Feburary and I've since lost the list and have more people I want to invite. I'll go do that then.

By the way, if there doesn't look like much possibility of me seeing you in the next week, you are my friend, and you want to come, please comment with your address and I'll mail an invite to you. Comments are screened. =D
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I have WAI too many clothes. XD

For the first time ever, most of my clothes are folded and in my drawers. I say most, because those clothes that aren't folded, won't fit in my drawers. I think it's time I donated a bunch of stuff. Really, I don't wear some of it. I recently shifted some clothes down to Laura anyway. And if I decide I want to wear them again, I'll borrow them off her