May 26th, 2007

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Hospital sleep overs and awesome parties

Alrighty! On Thursday I started work a little late at 4:05 instead of 4. I ate a sub quickly and then at about 4:15-4:30 I suffered 5/10 pain in my chest, shortness of breath and light-headedness for about half an hour. Then that pain went away, and came back, and went away and came back etc until about 9pm. At 6pm, I called Lisa telling her I felt like crap because of this bizarre chest pain and I wanted to close the store early. Also, Veronica, the girl I was working with had to be out on time, and I wasn't working very fast. I also called Mum to ask her what she thought of my chest pain. She wasn't happy that I had to stay at work until I'd done, but she insisted I go to RPH ED afterwards. She also made me promise to call every hour until such time.

Because work was going so slowly and I was a bit anxious, I called greygnome and asked him to come in to keep me company in hospital. Because he's a dear, he did. =) Work finish at about 10:30. Now, as I've mentioned, I didn't feel any pain after 9ish, but because I'd promised Mum, I went into RPH anyway. greygnome and I waited to see the Triage nurse and while we were waiting, there were a few people who came in who really looked like they were in lots of pain and I kinda wondered to myself if I should have even been there. But I saw the nurse anyway, and as it was, they took me straight into monitor.

They hooked me up to stuff to monitor my heart and blood pressure and they did an ECG and chest x-ray and took some blood for tests. I eventually asked if greygnome could wait with me, because for about 45min-1hr, he was out, bored in the ED waiting room. So he came and we chatted and rolled my d4s, d8s, d12s and my one d30 to see who could get the highest number. The staff were all REALLY friendly and nice and upbeat. My Mum works in the ED at RPH, so most of them knew her and that was kinda cool.

After a few hours, the blood results came back, and most of them were ok except for my blood clotting agent thingy. It's mean to stay below .4 but mine was .47. So they thought about it, and decided to keep me overnight to run more tests. I call Mum to tell her what's happening. I call Lisa to tell her I couldn't come into work. greygnome takes my car and drives to a 24hr food place to buy us food, coz we're so hungry from doing nothing for 4 odd hours. I sleep, get moved into the corridor, then into a little cubicle thing. greygnome comes back with food. I make no sense when I try to talk because I'm so tired. He goes home with my car and I get moved up to a ward. Sleeeeeeeeep.

When I wake up at a more reasonable hour of Friday, They take more blood from me, Mum and Dad come to visit, just as greygnome decides to come return my car. Mum and Dad go off again. I wander down and grab some phone credit/trashy magazines/chocolate. Mum returns just as I get back. She decides she wants to go to the bead show at the convention centre, so she takes my mobile so I can give her a call if I finish everything before she gets back. But no. I get taken down for the cool VQ scan. Which is where I breathe in a radioactive gas and they take photos of my lungs. Then they inject me with radioactive stuff and take more photos of my lungs. So they can see if there's a blood clot by the circulation and oxidisation of my blood.

Go back upstairs and wait. and wait. and wait. I finished reading my trashy magazines. I asked the nurse if I was going to get out any time soon. and then Mum returns! I get some dinner as it's 5:45 at this time. I call Lisa to tell her what's been going on with me and that work doesn't seem like an option at this stage. I call leshara because I got a frantic concerned msg from her, so I needed to tell her I wasn't dead. I called spannerbanana because we'd planned on meeting up earlier that day and I hadn't showed up. Finally the doctor comes. yay! He tells me they have NO IDEA what's wrong with me. And they let me go home! hurrah.

So, Mum and I go home in my car (Dad had left ages ago in his car). I shower/get dressed/brush teeth etc then pick up leshara for thenewleafturns's 21st. Had a lot of fun. I had one sip of alcohol, a lot of water, did a lot of dancing and talked to good friends about things. Random people were there whom I hadn't expected. That was pretty cool! I saw my little brudder, whom I hadn't seen in ages. He's growing up! *sigh* Then left at sometime after 12. I drove nicwhite86 all the way home. Then drove leshara home, then drove me home and it was about 2:30 when I did get home, half my tank of petrol was 'mysteriously' missing, I was thanking God so much that I'd actually gotten home and not ended in a crashed car. Fell asleep. Awesome party Tom! :D

So that was my very exciting few days. They were mostly spent being bored. But meh! =D
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21st organising

1. anyone with photos of me, could they please get them to me somehow. i.e email or putting them on a usb and giving to me next I see you or handing me photos?
2. good dancing music? classic stuff like Holy Grail and Run to Paradise and Walking on Sunshine. Suggestions?
3. again, addresses please. If you're on my friends list, then I'll want it!

I'm trying to get stuff done for ma 21st. :D

and new icon. yay!
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