May 30th, 2007

Kill Bill sword


oh grr!

I was sitting here, minding my own business, listening to music at an acceptable volume (for once) when Dad comes in unexpectedly. Anyone who's done this to me knows that I jump a little just because I'm startled and exclaim "ooooh!" rather flusteredly. But Dad says "oh don't behave like such a chook!" As if it's a bad thing!

So now I'm in a bad mood. Usually being startled causes me laughter because I'm amused at my own reaction, but at this point, I was very very annoyed at Dad for telling me off for it. As if I could help it anyway!!

Oh, I'm in SUCH a bad mood now! He's been a bit narky tonight. I tried setting up file sharing between our two computers, and he gets mad at me for even trying to understand why I couldn't. It's like he needs to be standing over my should the entire time. It's not as if I would have changed ANY of his settings. And besides, I would have transfered files and then made everything shiny and new again.

Just... grr!
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