May 31st, 2007

me fighting

Happy Family


Rpg went for AGES today. Was meant to start at 12, but it didn't until 1. But that was ok. I had a lot of fun and I killed 4 zombies. We didn't get finished and out of the room tho until about 8:45!! Really late! Fun tho. And our next session isn't until a fornight after people have exams.

Anyway. I come home and have a late dinner. Sitting watching tv, all good. senragine comes out and is all upset. She's been home sick the past two days. And she has a bunch of homework to do. But she hasn't been doing it (would you?) and on top of this, there's this boy in her maths class who's super-good at maths and over-achieves. Unfortunatly, the teacher expects all her students to keep up with him. So she comes out of her room teary and asks Dad if she can move down into a lower class where there's not so much pressure. But Laura's not so good on the communicating this to parentals. So Dad just tells her to get to bed and now isn't the time to discuss this.

So me in the kitchen, leaves what I'm doing and shnoozles into her room to have a sisterly chat. I talk with her about why it's bugging her, and what we can do to fix the problem. So I offer to go over some stuff with her tomorrow, because I have the day off until 4. So we sort stuff out and she is left in her room feeling happier... or at least, less sad. And I go out to parents and I prod Dad saying "don't bug Laura tomorrow, because we're going to work on her school work tomorrow" and Dad gets all grumpy and tells me to butt out of it and not tell him to stop bugging Laura. And then he says that he hasn't been bugging Laura, but he has been putting pressure on her.

Anyway, *groan* so I get a bit miffed at Dad, because I'm just trying to stick up for Laura and have a happy family. I love my lil sis. And things are getting better. And tomorrow should be good. I'll be her study-buddy. lol. I hope she gets this. I don't want to see her upset over maths. It's such a silly thing to be upset over. I found that when I was young, I wrote in my diary lots and vented. Maybe I'll get her a diary to vent.

My old diaries are SO emo! lol Oh! and new icon! yays

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