June 11th, 2007

Buffy hair up

Too much work makes Kat hyper

I should update you all on the happenings in my life.

On Thursday night I did a night shift at subway, then I got home bout 11ish, went to bed and then didn't actually get to sleep until 1ish, because Dad decided that would be a good time to watch TV loudly until. Then I woke up at 5 on Friday morning, so Dad could drive me to the train station to get to work by 6. BLEH!

I don't like back to back shifts. But I had good time on the train to read my Bible and pray. So I was very blessed in that regard. Also, continual blessings in that I stayed rather cheerful for most of the day. I left at 2, called a taxi to pick me up, and I made my way to kid-sit for the weekend. Looked after those kids I'd sitted for two weeks and then one week with leshara previously. Because they already knew me, the weekend was pretty smooth.

The only complaints from me, was Andrews continual grumpy attitude towards EVERYTHING and the exhaustion of only getting 4hrs sleep in between two shifts and going straight to kid-sitting. But I went to bed at 8:30 after the two youngest were in bed, so I was happy. The oldest two are very responsible, and so got themselves off to bed well enough.

Saturday I worked from 6-2 again. I had a LOT of bread to bake as rugby was on that night, so work was very busy. And then when I got home, I had a nap, and potted about a bit. We watched a movie that night and Andrew and Simon stayed up a bit longer than I would have liked. But that was due to me not having dessert ready on time (I promised them, so I couldn't renege).

Sunday we went to church. That was pretty cool. Then we came home and pottered about until Wendy and Ian arrived home from Sydney at about 3:15. Wendy then drove me to Ian's (different Ian) so I could grab a lift to kid's church with him, because this whole time, my car had been out of action thanks to a bad battery and alternator. Ian had been stupid by not getting sleep. And he didn't have Malcolm's car to use, so his Mum let me drive her car. And that was a bit weird, as I'm so used to driving a manual. I kept wanting to put in the clutch, but there wasn't one to put in. :P

Kids church was a piece of cake. I was looking after the little fish, and they are so cute. Then unichurch afterwards was really good. greygnome had rocked up, so he was thankfully able to give me a lift home! yay! Then home I went, checked updates, went to bed. Then went to work this morning from 10am, until 4pm. And now I'm updating you on my week. :D

Experimental food
I tried a couple of different things over the weekend.
-Friday: Lamb and Banana curry.
A bit too spicy for Andrew, but with a hint of banana, very nice. Had it with spiced hot chocolate that the kids didn't like, but I did, so more for me! =D
-Saturday: Crumbed Chicken.
Done with bread crumbs, coconut, oats and ginger. The kids all really liked this one. But the chicken took forever to defrost, so dinner was a little late. :P
-Sunday: Apple Pancakes.
Nicolas didn't like them, and Andrew apparently wasn't hungry, but Rachel, Andrew and I had our fill. Easy peasy, sliced apple mixed in with a thinner pancake mix and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on the top as they're cooking!
-Monday: Crusted Lamb Chops
I volunteered dinner cooking tonight at home. So I did herb crusted lamb chops. Didn't turn out as I had in mind, but the family really enjoyed them anyway! Also, it was hard to get them all cooked uniformly as the heat was being weird and others were really thick cuts. But all good in the end.

I finished the book of Nahum on Friday. It was interesting. A reminder of how separate sin and God are and how offensive it is to him. But with that, also comes his grace and forgiveness. God had given the Ninevites many opportunities to turn back to him, but his judgment wont be held off forever. So I was encouraged to take evangelism a bit more seriously. Also, for those who have repented, the judgment that we would have faced, has already been faced in fullness, by Jesus on the cross. And just as the Ninevites faced God's wrath, so will the world. Jesus came bringing a message of peace to those who would be reconciled to God. But also a message of warning to those who ignored him or rejected him.

ALSO! Chesca, Emily and Chan, you're invited to ma berfday par-tay. Along with your significant others of course. 30th of June. Put it in your diaries!