June 13th, 2007


Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water...

I woke up 3hrs late this morning. I intended on taking the train to work and getting there half an hour early. I was very frustrated to have to drive my car.

Taking the train means I have the luxury of about an hour of mostly uninterrupted time to read my Bible and pray as the day is just beginning for me. Otherwise, I find it hard to find the time to do this. It also means I'm saving money by not using up petrol, not adding to the mileage on the car and not burning fuel, thus adding to the already polluted atmosphere. Although, the trains run on electricity, and the burning of fuel to make the electricity is, as yet, far from clean. But the trains run anyway and my taking them or not, isn't going to stop them, so I may as well take them to cut down on the pollution that my car would otherwise be making.

As if was, I woke up 3hrs late, had to drive to work and the store didn't open until a little past ten. Lisa was very forgiving of me. I set my alarm, but it didn't actually go off because I neglected to turn it on. This typically isn't a problem because I never turn it off. I let the music on it play for the next two hours or so as I wander about the house.

I think work went quite well today regardless. After being initially flustered with the late rising, I got over it and was in fairly decent spirits when I arrived at work. And I successfully managed to avoid getting a parking ticket (another reason to take the train). I did a very good job with the bread (even when I had o continue cooking it in the middle of lunch rush) and Mei and I manged to clean the store before 3!! And then I packed away the FAL order and everything went pretty smoothly for the afternoon. Even Lisa mentioned how well I was working and getting things done, having rocked up for work 2.5hrs late.

I went on a bit of a vegetarian kick yesterday. Hung out with leshara. We had a late lunch and dinner together. Although, the dinner was a workers-dinner for people from HUB (Tuesday night Bible study at the church, we break into small groups when there) and a lot of people turned up. Anyway, for lunch I had a spinach and ricotta sausage roll. Very tasty! And Lise and I split up a veggie noodle at Hans. As they serve such big meals, we were quite full after only half a full serving. She had all the tofu on my plate tho, coz I hate tofu. Bleh! But anyway, it was really tasty.

I've starting trying to cut out a bit of red meat from my diet. I'm not going vegetarian, but just not eating as much red meat as I used to. I'm still too attached to white meat though. Fish and chicken FTW. Besides, the way animals are slaughtered is inhumane. I don't think that I should be supporting that.

But tonight Mum cooked roast beef and that was really tasty. My grandparents (Dad's side) had arrived from Victoria this arvo, so Mum did a roast for them. It was a good roast. I'm not going to refuse a delicious meal that Mum has prepared. As I've said to a couple of people; I'm just cutting out red meat when I can help it and when it isn't going to be a bother to anyone. Refusing Mum's roast probably would have offended her. And I need the iron! :)

While at work today, I ran into an old school friend. She's one of those people who inspires jealousy within me. She's recently married, and has a real heart for God. I would admire her, if I weren't envious and silently stewing within. I think it's definitely something that I need to pray about. Does anyone else have this problem? I find that even seeing a photo of her is enough. I hope I can find a way to address this issue. I had thought that maybe seeking a friendship with her could help. She is a Christian sister after all! And in the past, I have formed some awesome friendships with people, just by being honest with them and spending quality time with them. So she finishes exams in the next week or so. I might give her a msg or something. Any other suggestions?

BTW, the song I'm listening to is certainly worth checking out!