June 17th, 2007

me gigglesnort

Yesterday was the day after my 21st, and I was up to adventures!

Yesterday was Saturday. I went to Mars to RPG Deadlands at 12ish, but we didn't have enough people to actually play until 4ish. So we only played for 2hrs or so. But it was fun. I did some cleaning in the kitchenette while we waited.

I think sometimes I get too passionate about Christianity and thus am too easy to bait. One of the guys from the RPG asked me a question and I went to answer it, but he disagreed with me. I think he was just being argumentative, but I was getting passionate and it was very quickly turning into an argument instead of a discussion, so I left the room to pray and calm down. Mike came out and apologised on his behalf, which was very nice of him. But I wish the whole situation had gone better, and I had been more level headed about it.

Afterwards, I went to an engagement dinner for a couple I know. Ryan and Rachel. I hope they have a very happy life together. They are both very nice people. But my age, which is a little scary. :P :D I brought a bottle of very nice wine. 2003 merlot from Brookland estate. Yum! I had two glasses of that over dinner.

After the engagement dinner, I went to 'The Moon and Sixpence' which is an english pub in the city. Went there with Matt, Intan, Carrick, Mike (a different one from my RPG), Ian, Malcolm and Ryan. I had a pint of beer and a gin and tonic. So I ended the evening rather well I thought. Spaced my drinks well. :D But we ended up going back to Intan's and staying the night there, as I thought I might be over the limit anyway, and didn't really want to risk it. But that was nice! And this morning I had vegemite on toast and an orange, so I'm feeling rather healthy and happy. :D

Oh, and I got presents from the gang. I received a slow cooker!! and an ice-cream maker!! And two dvds(Astrix and Obelix and Phantom of the Opera!). Oh, and a can of lynx (because some people know I love the smell. lol). So I'm very excited about these gifts and can't wait to use them. I think I'll have to cook something for them all before they go away... or when they come back. Either way. :D