June 19th, 2007

Hiro waffles

Ice cream, MARS and Godliness

I is tired and shouldn't write LJ entries so late at night when I is so tired.

Mars exec meeting today. Went well I thought. But could have gone better. But I was happy with the way I presided over it. And I hope everyone else was happy with it too. We talked about all the things we needed to talk about. Which was a very good thing indeed.

Afterwards went to Lise's unit with Gene and hung there. We were all a bit sleepy (esp. me) so we all fell asleep for a bit over an hour. I haven't been sleeping very well the past 2 nights. Rather broken sleep, and not for very long either. It's not much to complain about; I usually get about 8hrs sleep, and I've only been sleeping for 6hrs.

Then I drove home and had dinner. I made some ice-cream in the ice cream maker I was given for my birthday. It didn't freeze properly though. So it's in the freezer now, and hopefully by tomorrow it should be good. I hope it turns out alright. After making that, I had a heap of egg whites left over, so I made a pavlova that Dad and I ate with some left over cream, as well as sliced banana and strawberry jam. It would have been great had I not been taste testing the ice cream mix so substantially before hand. :P :D Felt ill!

Was a nice night in. I think I'm meant to be making dinner on Wednesday, so I have plans to make something with my slow cooker. I was thinking a nice roast, as Julie (Ian's Mum) makes great roasts in her slow cooker. And they alway turn out so tender.

I've been reading some articles on this Christian publications site. They've been very interesting and thoughtful. Especially when considering my conduct and expectations with men. It's something I thought about a little at the beginning of last year, and I think I need to revise/re-establish some of the points of my thinking. I will do some more reading and praying on the matter.
kitty keyboard


I have work early tomorrow. But I finish early too. Work was good today. I go now.

Tomorrow I use my slow cooker for the first time. There isn't much difference between my ice cream and normal cream. But at least the consistency is good. But there is much to improve upon. :P

I saw Jupiter last night and the four moons around it. VERY cool.

I've been having dreams of cars and roads and freeways and getting lost and going the wrong way on the roads in my cars. I think it means something. But I don't think it's important.