June 21st, 2007

road and trees

Today was filled with shopping and Christian Conversation

Alrighty, my day today eh?

Well, I went shopping with Lise, but we didn't buy all that much. We went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. The set up was much the same as you'd find at Jaws next to the cinemas, with the revolving bar, but the food was a bit nicer. We'll probably go sometime in the future again! yum! Anyway, I was looking for a nice pair of shoes to go with my dress for my party, but I might end up wearing a pair I already own.

We bumped into this woman giving out tracts. But when we saw them, we went to give the tracts back saying that we were already Christians. "oh," she says, "do you speak in tongues?" Well, neither of us have that gift of the spirit, so I respond that we DO have the Holy Spirit, but that isn't one of our gifts. But that isn't good enough for her. The proof of the Spirit is speaking in tongues. So therefore, if you can't, you don't. And that isn't Biblical. In Acts at Pentecost, the Disciples did speak in tongues when they received the Spirit. But that happening was descriptive, not prescriptive. I would have liked to talk to her further about it, but Lise wanted to move on, and the woman was being very closed minded about it. To my own surprise, I was level-headed throughout the exchange and tried to engage her, but she'd have none of it. I even highlighted areas that we agreed upon, those being: all scripture is God breathed (2 Tim 3:16) and Christ dying for our sins to redeem us (uh... everywhere in the NT) and we didn't get much further, because she would continually bring it back to speaking in tongues.

Now, to clarify, I believe that Speaking in Tongue is a valid gift. But it is something that is done to encourage and build up The Church, done in love, and done so that people can understand what is being said, and thus, the gift of translation is also needed. What's more, when Paul is writing about it he lists other gifts as more important than tongues (such as prophecy), so tongues isn't that important.

Anyway, after shopping, Lise had an appointment in Cottesloe, so we caught a bus down Stirling hwy and I left the bus to walk up to the Lawrance's where I'll be housesitting from tomorrow. I needed to pick up keys. I chatted with Wendy and stayed for afternoon tea, which was lovely. Then Lise and I met up again in the city and we headed for Koorong (Christian book store). I bought the new Relient K cd, a small, travel-sized Bible for some friends who are going overseas on Saturday and an introductory book on apologetics.

When I eventually arrived home, I made myself some sweet-potato mash with loads of steamed green veggies - broccoli, asparagus and brussel spouts. Yum!

So today was good. Lise and I had good Christian conversation, which was really nice. All in all, I'm currently in a spiritual high. Desiring God and wanting to be more Godly because I love him. So that's going well. I'm praying that I wont become complacent though, because often I get all comfortable, and then lazy, and then I fall into a spiritual low (which is kinda the story of my life). I'm not too worried about it. But I'll pray that it wont happen anyway.