June 24th, 2007

Claire Bitch plz


I am housesitting at the moment, so don't expect frequent LJ updates. :P

I was going to be giving my testimony tonight, but then Rory called this afternoon and asked if I could postpone for a little while so he could chat to me about it and fit it into the unichurch schedule better. And I understand the reasons behind it perfectly! I'm just a little annoyed because I invited people and had waited for this week. And this morning I was all excited and nervous. All for nothing though! *sigh* it'll probably be better to have more time to prepare for it. I ought to pray that God'll give me patience.

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And now here's a rant:

People who cannot write things properly!! As in... everything they write... has to have too many... oh... you know... those little full stops when you end a sentance... except... they aren't ending their sentances!! Does it annoy ANYONE ELSE!? It honestly seriously bugs me and prevents me from reading things that would otherwise be rather encouraging, or interesting or whatever! I cannot stand it. LEARN TO TYPE!


I am done now.