July 23rd, 2007


MYC = awesometastic and me = sick. Bleh


I was on MYC last week. Was on the resurrection. Was good. I understand stuffs now. w00t. I will probably blog more on this topic when my brain isn't so mushy with sickiness and stuffs

Then I got sick. I was sick on camp, but I think God held off the sickness for the camp, and then the virus kinda raged in my system after camp. So Saturday and Sunday I was kinda dead to the world. But greygnome came over and made me chicken soup coz he's a big sweetie! *hugzor*
I slept and read Harry Potter and slept and read and slept and watched some movies and slept and read some more until today. I had to work today. Wasn't good. I felt faint a bit, and it was busy. But hte business kept me distracted, so that was good I guess.

I know what happens in Harry Potter! Go me!

I washed Ziggy the dog today. Now he smells like wet dog, but as he dries, he's smelling less like wet dog and more like not-bad. Yay! And I took him for a run (bad idea when sick btw) and gave him hugs. So now he is feeling better I think. He was a bit mopey when I returned home from work. I think he misses the family.

MYC was great. yay. God is awesome! Yay!