July 29th, 2007

kitty keyboard

My weekend and various related thoughts

My bedroom and my study are both almost clean. Clean enough to satisfy me for now. Most of the rest of the work is on folding clothes and putting them in my drawers. I'm rather pleased with the work I've done.

Handed out resumes on Saturday at Carousel. I'm rather pleased, and I'm praying that I'll manage to find a job that I enjoy and isn't too hard. I don't want to work in the food industry anymore. I'm so sick of it. My friend, young master Shirt was also handing out resumes at Carousel, so afterwards, we had some tea (or hot chocolate in his case) and hung out for a bit. And that was very nice. I rather like spending afternoons with friends. I hope to be able to informally hang out with people more often. And it was nice to spend some time near me. So often, it's in the city or somewhere closer to them. And Carousel is only 15min away from me (which is close to Maddington, lol).

That evening, I went to mexianjewlizard's Birthday. It was rather cool. Had a 1920's theme. And as usual, the 1920's dress was mostly the modern day interpretation of what they wore in the 20's, which has almost nothing to do with the actual 20's. With the exception of the basic headgear, fringing and waist length. Unfortunately, they too often make the waist length, the hemline. The hemline is far closer to the ankles than you'd think. But maybe they'd have those hemlines in the gentleman's clubs. But anyway. Fru was quite drunk, but somewhat amusing as a drunkard. And I met some nice and interesting people there and we had good times talking about Fru and such.

Today I saw a movie called Amzing Grace. Which was quite loverly to watch. I liked that it included God in Wilburforce's life. Then I went to Kid's church at WSCBC and had a rather good time, despite the boys being rather distracted. Then on to Unichurch.

I'm actually thinking about finding and church a little closer to me. 7pm is also becoming a bit later than I'd like. It means I don't finish until at least 8:30 and am home by 9pm. Which is a bit late. I think I'd like to find somewhere closer with an earlier service. But anyway, I've decided that, but I'm not about to rush to a decision. I imagine I'll continue to attend St Matts until the end of the year. Or something like that.

Sometimes I wonder about me. I have spiritual highs, and they can carry in odd ways, even into the lows. God and I are doing ok, but we could be better. I'm rereading a book and praying a lot. Mostly conversational prayers, instead of finding a proper quiet time. I ought to do that. Maybe I'll wake up early tomorrow morning. Anyway, I should quit this writing diarrhoea and go to bed. Pah, bed is for the weak... and me.