July 30th, 2007


Stupid Uni!


I received an email today from Murdoch telling me to sign up for workshops and tutorials etc via teh interwebs. However, my only two available workshops for EDU101 (Intro to teaching) are both full! and the only other alternative is attending a Tuesday workshop which is not good as that would otherwise be my only day off and I already handed out a bunch of resumes saying that I'm available to work Tuesday.

So I sent an email to my course co-ordinator telling her my situation and if there's any possibility of getting into a Monday or Wednesday workshop (although going to a Monday WS would mean that I could go to the Bible talk on Wednesdays), but I've no idea how it'd going to work and my stomach is just sitting so low right now. GAH!!

STUPID first come first serve CRAP! It doesn't serve the best interest of the student at all. But rather, stupid people who have so much variety and crap and yet chose workshops that I NEED to attend. *insert rant here*

Oh, I'm so nervous and mad. But I don't know what I'm mad at, I just AM!

I'm going to read Sandman now, and all you stupid people who neither read nor comment on this journal any more because you're all crap can go get stuffed!!!

And I hope you're all jealous or something that I have Sandman and YOU DON'T!

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South Coast Music

My Uncle John and his partner (we call her Aunty Jenny coz we all love her!) have a music store just outside of Sydney and this is him starring in his own advert. Uncle John is tops!