July 31st, 2007

V far away

Today's thoughts and doings

I went back on to the uni website today to check on the workshop status, and now all the workshops are full! *laughs*

After I finished reading sandman, I had calmed right down. Sometimes things just get me so worked up and I have to leave the situation entirely and distract myself until I calm down. Then afterwards, I wonder why I was so upset about it. I think now that all the workshops are filled, I'm just sorta amused by the entire thing. Also, they'd have to put me somewhere, and I've already emailed the Head of the unit about my concerns, so hopefully I'll get a good workshop.

No word back from the potential job applications handed out on Saturday. But no mind. I'm working my last subway shift tomorrow, and then I'll head down to Centrelink and work out payments etc. Also, now that my room is a smidgen cleaner, I'm feeling better about that too.

I wonder sometimes (often) if my life properly reflects God's holiness. I know I'm working on it. But what are some areas in my life that I'm blind to? Please comment and let me know of bits of me I can change so I can conform to the character of God more. *is thoughtful*
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