August 3rd, 2007

Sylar drinking tea

Productivity ftw!

Guess what people? I woke up at 8am this morning. That means I had a healthy 8hrs of sleep last night. And when my alarm went off, instead of rolling over and ignoring it, I woke up and made myself a cup of tea! and then I did some study! OMG!

This truly is inspirational stuff. LOL

Friday night tonight. I have zero plans. But if I do some more studying this afternoon, I might treat myself to a movie. Although, having just looked at the movie times, there's absolutely NOTHING I want to see, so I might rent some movies and stay in instead. Probably cheaper that way. And I can lie down on the couch. :) Unless someone messages me with an even great plan than that (not hard to top really, movies at someone else's place, or joining me for my movies is just as easy and yet already better than current plan!)... but nothing too big or exhausting. The hole-in-my-leg hurts. tee hee

Any how, I've now wasted half an hour not-studying. So I ought to get back to it. Go me and my l33t study skillzor!
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Hiro beep beep

Cooking is for Laura!

Laura made dinner tonight. She wasn't too confident, so I helped her. But it ended up really good. We accidently used the wrong kind of noodles, and they ended up a little too soft I think. But it tasted really good. Dad really liked it, and I saw Mum sneak 3 forkfuls of it (which is very bad for her diet, but then she stopped and made an uber healthy variation for herself). It was called Char Kway Teow from the Womens Weekly cookbook that Anna and Tom gave me. Laura was all "I can't cook!" but she did a super-terrific job! So Laura and I have promised to cook it for Mum in ten weeks time, when she can eat proper food again. :D

Today has been good. I did some study, and even started my "Learning Journal" for Intro to Education. And then I read the first reading for Intro to Science. Now I just have to conquer Japanese. I wish I were more confident. I'm becoming more and more scared as Monday approaches.