August 19th, 2007

house scram

Life update

Hello flist. I've been cruising along what with uni and all. I had a test last week and achieved 81% and top of the class in Japanese, I was pretty delighted with that!

Been spending a fair amount of time in prayer too. Which is awesome. I realised just yesterday that there's so much to pray about, both in thanking and asking. God is awesome! Clare and I are meeting once a week to read "The Fruitful Life" by Jerry Bridges and it really is challenging!

Not much else is happening in my life at the moment. EDU101 is pretty standard, and Intro to Science is being ignored because I can't stand it! bleh. I really ought to get something done it, so I can at least pass it the second time round. I need to get motivated at it! Gah! But I dislike this unit so much, just because it's stupid! It's not unlike Cultural Mathematics that I did sem 1 '06. I managed to get a D for that. And all it was is the cultural aspects of mathematics (thus why it's important to teach kids). So Intro to Science is about the culture of science (and thus why it's important to teach). So dull.

I don't like learning to teach, I'd much rather just be out there teaching, or out there in Japan doing what I want to do! *must be patient* i am enjoying Japanese so much. Anyway, back to study now.