August 21st, 2007


Assignment grief

So in 10 days I have two assignments due. One is easy peasy, the other is for my horrible EDU113 (intro to science) unit. It involves reading two readings, looking at some cartoons and interviewing a small child, then writing about it all. I've enrolled in this unit externally because it's so horrible. So today I decide to start a draft of my essay. I search for the readings and the cartoons in my unit reader and on the unit internet page thingo, but none can be found. So I email my external tutor. Tutor responds in the hour, telling me that the readings are in the back of the reader (which upon closer inspection, I find they are) and cartoons are in my unit guide. 'But where is my unit guide?' I wonder. Tutor has told me to give the external studies office a call if I encounter any difficulties, so I do just that. I call and ask if they've sent me anything. They have, to my old address!!

Oh noes! I updated my address abut a week before uni started, but they sent out the stuff two weeks before uni started. They say they have no extra copies and it'd take 10 days to get to me (just in time for my assignment to be due NOT!). So I calmly tell them that my assignment is due then, and is there anything else they could possibly do so I'd get it sooner? Oh there isn't? Oh okay, can you please give me the unit coordinator's phone number please? Thank you.

Call Ms M, I have her answering machine. So I calmly explain my situation, give her my mobile and home phone numbers, and ask her to call me back asap so I can start and complete my essay. *waits*

At least I'm not angry about it like I was when signing up for units wasn't going well. I'm rather please about that. But man! It's nerve racking not being in control of this. I hope maybe she can email it to me. Speaking of which, should I also email the unit coordinator abut this? I don't want it to seem like I'm bugging her, but I'm a bit nervous that I wont get a hold of the material. My tutor has already said that he doesn't have a soft copy of the material to email to me.
*big sigh*
I'm calm, really I am! :P