August 24th, 2007

portman glamour

Uni crisis averted, bed times and hair cuts

Crisis has been averted. Turns out my unit coordinator has plenty of copies of the unit guide, and was able to give me one. Although, as she spends so little time in her office, she didn't receive the message I left on her answering machine until yesterday. But oh well.

Life is going alright. I'll have to do a fair bit of study tomorrow after work to catch up on writing this essay and getting up to date with my learning journal (woo hoo /sarcasm).

Also wanting to get my hair cut. Short. Like, to my shoulders. I'm a bit scared, as last time I had my hair cut short, back in yr 10, it was bad!! I want it to be cute. Like when Buffy had her hair cut short, or Anya's short hair *is distracted by thoughts of Buffy's hair* Both were very cute! And I've seen a couple of short cute hair cuts on a few other people recently, taking note and such.
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I've been going to bed early and rising early recently. Have decided that it's FTW. Although, I'm getting tired earlier, so that's not cool. I'm going to a 21st tonight, and I might bail at 10:30-11 as that's way past my current bed time, and I've work tomorrow.