August 29th, 2007

Kitty doesn't approve

Stupid Uni Library.

So here I am in the university library trying to find some sort of text that I can referrence in my essay and make me sound oh-so-clever. The word limit is at 1500. I hand wrote a draft and was rather conservative in my writing, because word count on hand writing is a long process, so I guestimated. Turns out I'm only half way there. I still have to do a table, my conclusion and finish up my introduction, as well as the paragraph that'll talk about stuff re: references as soon as I find them.

``Stupid library, can't find anything. And the library database is CRAP! Every second time I press "search," it tells me the page cannot be found, so I have to refresh and then it open pop up boxes and! GRR! So irritatiing. I just want to go to the library, walk up to a shelf and find the EXACT book I'm looking for. Foundations of Chemistry from yr 11-12 would be very handy right now. Cept they don't have it. Bleh!