September 5th, 2007

willow sad

Parental Grief. Again? BLEH!! *cries*

Everything recently has turned into an argument with parents. I left my study lamp on last night because I was reading a book in bed and fell asleep, thus forgetting to turn it off. And this morning, Mum has a go at me about wasting electricity. And then she says that I left the laundry door open, something that Dad recently had a go at me about (for good reason, becasue I had left it open) but not this time. So I tell Mum sorry for the lamp, but I didn't do the door, she starts going on about how she'll ask Laura, and I'm getting a bit annoyed, because I need to get to the computer to prep some school stuff and here she is talking at me about stuff that's n olonger relevant. When are they going to realise that school prac and uni work are making me slightly stressed, and them yelling at me at least once a day isn't good for me coping. I just crack and explode!

I'm trying, I really am. I've already put the dinner I'm making in the slow cooker. Although apparently even that isn't enough for Dad because I don't cook dinner regularly enough. I cook it whenever I'm not run off my feet. Even today I'm busy, but I'm cooking to shut him up about it so he wont get angry.

I cannot wait to move out. Why was everything so lovely a few months ago with them, but now everything's crap? I hate this arrangment. Anyway. Prac is still wonderful. I'm having a blast. And I'm finally teaching a small group lesson today. Tomorrow is my whole class lesson. It's maths. Like, here kiddies, add up double digit numbers maths. The teacher did the intro yesterday so I know how to go about it. w00t.