September 8th, 2007

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Life updatage

Prac has finished for this week. I still have a week of high school prac in a few weeks which I'm not looking forward to so much. Primary School was super-fun! I had a blast. The kids there were awesome and Tia, my suervising teacher, run her class SO well and the kids love her. She's a legend! I want the rest of my degree to be over and to be teaching in a class already.

Being on prac didn't require much work. It was mostly observation, so I had time to read a couple of books. One I finished on Sunday, Mercy and the other I finished on Thursday, Plain Turth both by Jodi Picoult. Very intersting and engaging books, I really enjoyed them. I read My Sister's Keeper earlier this year and that was brilliant. Right now I'm reading The Awakening by Bevan McGuiness, a newly published Perth author. I have an autographed copy! :D It's so new that neither the book nor author have a wikipedia page yet. *grin* It's pretty good. I'm about 2/5's of the way through a little anal about not bending the spine or leaving marks on the book. I think because it's first edition and autographed.

I'm giving my testimony finally tomorrow night. So be at Unichurch please. Details are as linked.

I've been helping a bit more at home recently in order that Dad will be more pleasent to live with. So Wednesday and Thursday I cooked dinner. And I packed up the dishwasher too! I have a Jap test on Monday and I'm procrastinating from study, which is very very bad of me. People tell me to do work! I should go do some work. :P