September 16th, 2007

Dexter smile

Yesterday's happenings

Work went pretty well yesterday. I actually managed to have 8hrs sleep Friday night, so waking up 5am on Saturday wasn't so bad! Work went well, but my feet were killing me by the end of my shift. From there I went straight to Kid's club with Jonathan. We made sock puppets. *squee* I named mine Trudy and she has lots of lovely hair! From there I went to Heather's place, with a bypass to Subway to pick up some salad for my dinner. Salad with lemon juice dressing is awesome! Had a shower at Heather's, dropped Jonathan back home and went to Sarah's 21st.

Was lots of fun. Church hall was decked out with fairy lights and there was a dance floor! Loads of food too. Steph was there too, which was great. We managed to catch up and we pretty much spent the evening talking. Which I really enjoyed. It was nice having someone there to talk to that wasn't a church friend. As many times, church can be really overwhelming for me because there's just too many people I should know, but don't. Also, my other church friends were hanging around with each other. And I would have been all clingy around them and that makes me feel awkward. So it was great that Steph was there, and I really enjoyed our conversation.

Today is much quieter than my usual Sunday. I don't have kid's church, so I have most of the day free for me! Yay! So I'm intending to do a bit of study and chill out! I do have a church plant meeting where Kid's church would usually be, which is why I'm not there.