September 23rd, 2007


Geek-chic is love!

I think I'm falling in love again. But not to worry, it's all about people that I can't have, so it's terribly not-serious. The men in question are David Tennant and Elliot from RollerCoaster. ROFL Yes, I know what you're saying "but Kat, Elliot is terribly lame and hosts a kids program, WTF?" But I think he's funny and I'm in love with his quasi-geek-chic look. Ditto with David Tennant, cept he doesn't host a kids TV program. I think it's the glasses and hair. *swoon*

Anyway, it's good that I'm not in love with someone who's, you know, a good friend or whatever. That'd be awkward and I've been there and it's not good. I'd much rather have warm fuzzy feelings for people I've never met. It's easier to deal with and funnier. So there you have it.

I love my camera. Went photo-spamming this evening at church. :love: