September 24th, 2007


Lost Assignments Don't Make Me Happy, Jan!

I like the rain. I like sunny weather too. I'm just all round happy to please these past couple of days. Cept this morning when I left home I wasn't in such a good mood. And then again this afternoon for about an hour or so. Apparently, one of my assignments has gone walk-abouts. I did a big trek around the education building trying to follow up on where it might have gone. It would have been nice to know about this two weeks ago after I handed it in. At least I have kept the receipt as proof that I am telling the truth. But still, this is very vexing. Particularly as I hand wrote some parts of it.

Oh well! There's not much I can do, so I refuse to be angry. I'm annoyed, but not angry. And I'm not so annoyed that it destroys my mood.

So apart from that uni went quite all right. I cheered myself up a fair bit after three cups of tea in succession. I bought a small carton of milk which ought to last me for the week. I refuse to buy tea from a cafe when a 600ml carton of milk is only $1.60 and I have free tea bags and a kettle down at the MARS room. So yay for that!

Also, another Japanese test this afternoon which I believe I aced! again! But I don't have the results yet so I'm only guesstimating.

I'm doing an Engaging With Islam course through MCU this semester and it's VERY interesting. It's pretty much going though what the main features of Islam are and how they differ from Christianity so that I can engage with a Muslim friend and not be in the dark about what I can expect from their beliefs. Honestly, I don't understand Islam at all and I disagree with a lot about of what the Qur'an teaches. But I wasn't expecting to agree, so it's no surprise.

When I came home this evening, dinner was already made with some left for me and family had rented some movies, so I've had a restful evening. Yay!