October 12th, 2007

me facepalm

Myer and Sorbet. Sadly, they didn't give us sorbet, so I made some.

I'm doing this indution training for Myer. It's pretty boring, but they're doing their best to get us into it. It's meant to be a half day followed by a full day, and my full day is meant to be now. But I have Japanese, so I chatted to them and now my full day is split between this afternoon and Monday afternoon. :)

I made risotto last night, it's pretty tasty. And then I tried to make sorbet. I've tried to make it before, and it's just turned out like ice! So this time, I juiced my grapefruits, mashed up my strawberries, chucked them into a pot to simmer and added the grapfuit skin in the hopes it would make the overall misture softer. However, I didn't wait for the mixture to cool before putting it in the ice-cream maker (coz I'm stupid) and it didn't freeze the mixture. So I put what I had in the freezer and this morning, it's still not frozen. I'm taking this as a good sign... *shrug* I stirred it this morning, and when the IC-maker is clean again, I'll put the semi-frozen mixture in it in the hopes it wont end up like frozen ice, and more like sorbet. *shrug* Anyone have any tips?
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