October 17th, 2007

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Had a Japanese test on Monday, like I do every Monday. I was stressing a little because I had found it very hard to do study previous to it because every time I'd look at the book I'd go "I know this!!" and then stop studying. Except for kanji... I always need to practice my kanji. Anyway, went into the test and I found it really easy! Hurrah!

Yesterday I intended to study, and I watched 1.5hrs of Japanese news that I hadn't watched previously and wrote up a chart of grammer. woohoo. [/sarcasm]

So life is going alright. Or wait, maybe not so much. I have an assignment that is so incredibly boring, frustrating and insane that I cannot bring myself to do it. It makes me want to scream. GRR!!
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Passing Me By. What Have I Done These Past 4 Years?

Ever feel like life is passing you by? I mean, I get that I'm pretty busy and stuff with uni, but a part from that and getting involved in debates on Christian websites regarding theology... I kinda feel like life is passing me by. Facebook has been a great tool to catch up with people I haven't seen in years, but looking at where they are now... I kinda wonder what on earth I've done in all that time since I've seen them. I have 172 friends listed, and most of those I've known in person at some time in my life. It's rather amazing actually. So what have I done with my life?

Since leaving high school:
Got my drivers license.
Moved out of home and lived with a friend named Erin.
Had my first job as a secretary.
Got a boyfriend.
Quit my job and worked as a waitress at a 24hr cafe.
Broke up with boyfriend.
Moved out of house and lived with my friend Tom and his family for a couple of months.
Got job at the Hyatt.
Found a one bedroom unit for $120 a week and moved in there for the next two years.
Started job at Subway to supplement my Hyatt money during the off-peak season.
Quit Subway when Hyatt business picked up.
Tore a ligament in my ankle while working.
Ligament healed, went back to work.
Started teaching Sunday School at my church.
Started teaching another Sunday School class at another church.
Broke my wrist in a bike accident on the way to work.
Quit Hyatt because of my broken wrist.
Applied to Primary Teaching at Murdoch.
Got job back at Subway because I needed work and didn't involve as much lifting as Hyatt did.
Started university.
Mum and Dad moved to Perth.
I moved back in with them after several months because money was far too tight.
Failed 2nd Semester.
In 1st semester, 2nd year at uni, I deferred and worked full time at Subway.
Got another boyfriend.
Didn't work out with boyfriend and I ended the relationship.
2nd Semester started and I started up again.
Here I am now

Now obviously loads of other things happened that are just as life-changing, but much more subtle. But I think it'd be really interesting to go through all my journals and diaries and write down a timeline.

It's probably just because I'm catching up on 3-4 years of people's lives that I've missed out on, and so that why I'm feeling a bit left behind. :) I should study now. :)

I don't like to ask for comments, but could people please comment and tell me something that they remember about me. Just a random memory of you and I. That would be nice. Thanks