October 21st, 2007

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Blessings Galore!

Alrighty, these past few days have been full of blessings!

Firstly, Firday was pretty good. Japanese was fun and difficult as usual, then I met up with Clare and we had a really good chat. She gave me some constructive stuff to think on. I know that I want to go into the missionary field, and that's kinda signing away most opportunities to get married. But she asked me, before I commit to anything, am I able to to single? Most people in this situation I think, would ask if they want to be single or not. Clare asked me if I can be single. Is it something that's realistic? So that's given me some food for thought. I also mentioned Dad's quiz night to her, and she said that she'd call a bunch of people and try to get a team together.

While I was meeting with Clare, I received a txt msg from Ali telling me that Matt had proposed last night. On came the tears! I'm so so happy for both of them. Yesterday I cried a bit too. :)

After meeting with Clare, I went home and did a bit of calling around for the quiz night and managed to rope in Malcolm and Josh as well. Loitered around at home a bit, had a shower, went to quiz night. Clare had managed to rope in 8 other people to come along! Which was fantasic! That meant that in total, we had exactly 2 tables between the twelve of us. I was so thankful that people turned up! :D Then!! My table WON the quiz night! Which was a complete fluke! We won a bottle of wine each, and a dinner voucher for 6 at the Bentley Pines! So we've all found a date we're free, and we'll go have free posh dinner together! woohoo!

After the quiz night, I headed off to mexicanjewlizrd's Symposium (toga party). I'd promised Fru that I wouldn't start any religious debates, and I was a bit nervous that I might drink too much while there. But then someone introduced me as a Christian, and then everyone had an opinion, so I was able to tell them about God and Jesus! Which was brilliant! I had three conversations about it! This doesn't typically happen, so I was very excited about the opportunities that God gave me! And I didn't get drunk, and I left the party at the time I'd planned to.

Saturday morning I had work. I woke up early enough to catch the train in, so I didn't use up petrol. Work went pretty well. There was a disabled man who came into the store, and I had to help him with his food and his drink. Then he spilled stuff on himself, so I had to help clean him up (wipe down with a damp cloth). It was pretty awkward, and I didn't really want to do it. But I was thankful for the opportunity I had to serve; particularly as Clare and I read a chapter in our book on patience. So next day, I get a very good chance to be patient and loving towards this poor man! Yay!

After work, I headed home and slept for 3hrs, hurrah! I was so tired by the end of my shift, as I'd only had 4hrs sleep that night. When I woke up, I then had some food and headed off to Ali's place for a small impromptu gathering in honour of Matt and Ali's engagement. I cried a bit and was so happy for them. I was able to hear the story of how he proposed and the startings of wedding plans. They're looking at an early February date for the wedding. And I wont say much more about that, because it's Ali's news and she needs to write up an LJ entry for it! *hint hint*

So then I came home and went to bed.
So many blessings! I've just been praising God so much, and I feel my heart is going to burst.
But today I have to buckle down and tidy my rooms, and then get some study done. We have a home open today at 3:30, if anyone feels like coming down and checking it out, then I'm not going to give you my address, so neryh neryh! :D *sigh* I will try and get my work done as joyfully as possible.
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Pushing the Comments

I'm probably pushing it, but if pyou don't mind terribly, could you please go here and tell me something you remember regarding us. So a memory of you and I. That would be nice. Thank you :)

Oh, managed to get my rooms tidy. I even mopped! *awe*
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