November 2nd, 2007


Exercise is fun!

Alrighty, on Saturday, Cint is having her 21st and my gift to her was a book that I made with photos and pretty paper and ribbon that can be unbound and the pages separated so that people can sign it. I finished it on Wednesday night, so yesterday I went and dropped it round to her place. I'd covered the front and back with red satin and a black frilly lace over the top. She really liked it! Anyway, she hadn't yet bought her dress/shoes/jewelery for her 21st and she was planning on going out to buy them later that afternoon. She had set aside an hour and a half for that task! But off we went in her car and bought her entire outfit!! It was pretty fun "speed shopping."

Anyway, we went back to her place and I had a couple of glasses of water before going home and she invited me to go to ceroc dancing. So I went that night! SO MUCH FUN!!! And really easy to pick up. When you are partnered with a good male lead, you can do all these spins and twirls and there's plenty of guys there willing to dance and to lead, even though I wasn't so good. Very informal and social! My feet were killing me afterwards. I limped through the front door and sat through my shower. :D

This morning I went into uni and didn't do so badly with Japanese like I feared because I've missed a few classes recently. Then I met with Clare, and had my last hour of prac and went home. Bummed around a bit this afternoon, but then I decided to go for a jog (which I did) and when I came home, I'd only been jogging for 10minutes!! So I put on a pilates dvd and did some of that. w00t!

I feel really good right now. I think it's the endorphines.

Also, for the longest time I've put off doing dancing or anything because I didn't have a partner and my main motivation to go was because of the potential partnering or whatever, but last night, I went for the sole reason of having fun and doing something to get my life into gear.

It's very much related to the "when I'm in a couple, then my life will start" mentality. I've shaken it off my conscience, but not so much my subconscience. I've held myself back for too long. But last night was a blast, and it was a fun thing I was doing for me, not for a partner. I'm probably rambling, but maybe some of you can understand and go "WOO HOO KAT!" for me. :D

Anyway, I've been having loads of fun being active. And I think it helps me to focus more when I'm studying, because it gets all my heeby-geebies out before hand.

Speaking of study, wish me luck, I have 3 essays to write, due on the 5th, 6th and 7th.