November 4th, 2007

me catkat


There was an issue: it is now resolved and I am at peace. :)

In other news, Jacinta's party last night was super fun! I pulled Boyd into dancing some ceroc with me. I'm not so good and misjudged a bunch of moves he was trying to lead me into, but man was it fun! Him and Jacinta danced a couple of times, and everyone would stop their dancing and watch. Super cool! :D
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sometimes people make me not so happy

マイケルさんはメイルあげました。このメイル、私が楽しくなくて あかるなかったです。。大きらいわよ!
Stupid me and my inability to say things in English where people can understand.
And even then, I probably don't make sense. Here's a hint, just pick out the key words and string them together in a way that makes more sense.