November 8th, 2007

Simon love, Kaylee love

Weird guy and I feel ill

I is sick, and my head doesn't want to think, but I will tell you this amusing story anyway.
I have an ok-cupid account. For all the quizzes and stuff I take on the site, I thought it wouldn't be hard to create an account. Yet another space I occupy on the internet. Anyway, I was doing a quiz last night, when this 44 yr old man from America PMs me and starts talking about all these tropical locations we could go to together!
I almost freaked! I'm like "uh, this is making me uncomfortable!"

Anyway, that was my random weird experience I had last night. And now I've typed this short entry, I feel even worse. I'm going to go lie down. :)

Edit 9pm: 二時間ねて、ばんごはんを食べに起きて、今、頭が痛いんですよ。かせがひく。もうねたいわよ。
I went to sleep for 2hrs, woke up for dinner. I have a headache. Now I want to sleep again.
Aren't I nice for translating this time. *weak grin*

The google and babel fish translations are... interesting.