November 9th, 2007

Dr Who tea

Weird dreams and my day out of order

I had an aural exam today. It was totally way easier than I expected it to be! Even with my head ache and cold.

Speaking of headache, it took me AGES to get to sleep last night, I tossed and turned, and then had crazy weird dreams about trying to get to sleep, and then ALL my single friends suddenly paired off and I was like "what about me God? Is there no one for me?" but then I was praying, and this weird homeless guy was sleeping outside my window... yeah. WEIRD!

Anyway, this afternoon, I went to a farewell party for the Japanese exchange students. It was much more fun than I expected it to be. We paid $3, and had all this food and drink (alcoholic drink too). I only had one glass of beer because of my cold, and I was driving. It was pretty cool chatting to people about their lives outside Japanese class. *yay*

Before that, I went down to Mars, but I wasn't feeling so well, so I napped out the front of the room, where the old couches are. It was nice laying in the sun. But then I woke up and had an hour to kill, so I cleaned the kitchen.

Oh, and before that, I met up with Clare. It was pretty good, we spent longer talking than usual, but we both had the time for it. And with my cold, my brain was kinda tangenty.

And before that (this entry is way out of order), I went to the ref and had some broth. I couldn't stand the thought of eating anything substantial, because it made me feel kinda ill. But the broth was really good, and then I was full...ish.

And before that was my aural exam. So that's my day. No plans for tonight. Hopefully I'll get through to Hilary and maybe chill out. Get out a movie if nothing else happens. :)