November 12th, 2007


Recount of my MUSE night!

Alrighty, so I warned that there would be a Muse post up and coming on Monday, and now it's Monday.

Ages ago, I bought my ticket. I figured that since I'd gone all the way over to Melbourne on my own to see Blind Guardian, I could go see Muse in my home city on my own too. I'm a big girl. So it wasn't until Saturday that I called up countessdeweird and said "feel like going together?" She was already going with thenewleafturns and some of his med friends, but we thought that if we catch up, then cool, if not, oh well. At about 5ish, I jumped on a train and headed into the city. Once in the city, I walked to the Supreme Court Gardens and found some people I knew in the line; people from Swan Christian College and others I know from MCU. That was pretty cool catching up briefly with them. So I joined the back of the line, and not very long later, I was in! First things first, I bought my third Muse t-shirt. I random saw Geoff pass me by as well, a guy I know through Ian and Intan. I messaged cielrose because I knew she'd be there. Turns out she was front and center! I saw her there, but the crowd was pretty packed, so I didn't even attempt to go say hi. Also ran into Jess McCarthy from St Hildas. Ended up hanging out with her for the concert and her friend Kaitlyn. That was awesome, because Jess is the funniest person I know and I hadn't seen her in AGES!

While I was standing around, thenewleafturns and countessdeweird eventually turned up. Apparently the person who had their tickets were late. So I saw them, but then they wandered off to another part of the crowd. The supporting band started, but then the barricade at the very front collapsed or something. So we had to wait an hour for the organisers to fix it. When they finished, the supporting band came back on!! wtf! Not cool man. But they only played two songs *whew*

Muse finally came on. They were freaking awesome man! I took video footage of them playing Butterflies and Hurricanes. The sound quality is pretty good, I was impressed with the sound. But my hands were all shaky, so that's not so cool. :P Yeah, they were awesome as usual! :D I would have preferred more crowd interaction, but I've only found one other person who also thinks that... so... I'm kinda alone on that. They played for 90mins.

Afterwards, Jess-and-Kaitlyn and I split up and I went to find thenewleafturns and countessdeweird. Caught up with them, and worked out that we were going to this place called Aida, which is a Hookah cafe. Although, a hookah is also called a Shisha, so remember that people, I didn't know until I was looking it up on Wikipedia. Anyway, we bought 3 Shishas and thenewleafturns random found $50 on the ground, so he bought $50 worth of beer for us to all share, which was nice. I had a beer, a warm coconut milk drink (I was drinking both at the same time, and once I'd ad the coconut milk, the beer tasted SO FOUL I sculled the rest of it and almost gagged. Coconut milk ftw!), and puffed on the shisha every time it came around to me. We spent two hours entertaining ourselves with taking photos of the smoke. It was pretty fun and maybe I'll do it again sometime, but meh. It's largely social, and it's completely busted my throat.

Sunday was okay, I was a bit hoarse, but I could talk okay. This morning it's a real struggle to get anything above a whisper. I was talking to Dad and my voice kept swapping between whisper and hoarsy growl. lol. So Dad's told me not to say a word today so that my voice will work for tomorrow's oral.

Yeah, so that was Saturday night. Pretty intense, but freaking awesome! :D

here are photos from the night. I'm trying to upload the video to youtube, and if it works, I'll post a link. :)
daniel jackson speechless

Can't Talk = LJ spamming

I cannot talk!! Even to make little grunty noises or giggle or something! OH NOES!!

You know what this means right? That's correct! LJ Spamming for today! mwahaha. You're friends pages are going to be SO FLOODED *evil (silent) laugh*

Damn it, everything has to be virtual. :P
buffy yeah

I said some words! yay

omg, if I put some more air into it, I can actually say a few words in a voice that isn't a whisper! wow!

Of course, I've only said like, 10 words in total, because if I can keep this up, I can do my oral tomorrow. But yay!

I can't believe I've been mostly silent today! This is amazing!