November 15th, 2007


Kat's adventure yesterday. I did lots, but had a blast doing it.

Yesterday was my very first shift at Myer!!

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After my shift, I'd organised to go out with some Japanese classmates. I had caught the bus/train to Myer, and intended on catching the bus to Jacob's house. Jacob also works at Myer, but he's in electrical on the top floor. Anyway, he'd given me bus instructions to get to his place. So as I was coming out of the Garden City complex, I saw the bus I needed pulling up, I ran to catch it, and it wasn't until it was heading in the opposite direction on the freeway that I realised I caught the wrong one. Doh! But I headed back down on the next bus at the Esplanade busport and was there a little late.

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This morning I woke up, and really just needed to go home, so I didn't hang around because it was still super early and got on the next bus home. Got home, stupidly stayed up for a couple of hours, eventually went to bed, woke up this afternoon and have had a nice relaxing day of resting my feet. :)