November 18th, 2007

V far away

Last night and some random thoughts

Why do I sometimes randomly get depressed from no particular reason? Sometimes I think it's so I don't forget to rely on my God for grace. *shrug*

I went to two 21sts last night. First one was stawberi's, where she was very cutely dressed in a red-plaid-patterned mini dress. Super tasty food, good times catching up with Mars people. nicwhite86 was there and it was good to see him.

Second party was Nic's 21st. I felt a little out of place at this one and I'm not sure why. Could be because most people there are UWA-ers and have finished exams, and I'm only in study break. But that wasn't the problem. I don't know, but I randomly became a bit depressed at Nic's. It seemed to be a good party anyway, lots of people from church there.

Amazingly, I managed to be there for cake/speeches for both parties, and I took photos at both, but more photos at stawberi's. Pics are available on FB for those of you interested.

Last night I had this really cool dream and when I woke up I thought it'd be a great premise for a book, but then I forgot most of the details, and I can't be bothered writing a book anyway. lol. As I woke up more, I realised that it really wouldn't be that great a book. :D


Stupid unit

Do you think it's possible to get away doing a whole degree without completing one stupid little first year unit? *mutters* I cannot study for it, it drives me nuts! I'll go to the exam tomorrow, but probably end up walking out early because it'll be way too stupid for words.

I've never felt this nuts-driven about a unit before! What is it about this one? grrr!

And why have I used the words nuts so frequently today when I hardly EVER use it EVER
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