November 26th, 2007

Marie Antoinette bath


God answered my plea for good weather, and it was had. I ended up going to the beach anyway, and i even got a little sunburnt. But not much. It's mostly because it's hard to put sunscreen on your own back and I missed a couple of bits. But I put some cream on the sunburnt bits, and it isn't painful or anything. After beach, I had a very cold shower in the change rooms at the beach and went to a Nutrimetics party at Carly's. It was good fun and I bought Laura's Christmas present and some perfume for me! Yays!

After Carly's I went to church, and that was nice. Courtenay rocked up and it was cool having her there. She rather enjoyed it so maybe she'll come back. She's currently church-hunting so I hope she finds a good one! I have just over a month left at Unichurch, and then I'm down at the new church plant which has officially been named "Three Crosses." I'm not so happy with the name, bu I think it's growing on me. :)

Brian gave the sermon on Sunday and it was quite good! He was a little dead-pan in his manner of talking and he moved quite fast through it, but other than that, it was quite impressive for his first! *is proud of Brian* You can download it here if you're interested. Just right click and save as.

Things have been going well, but I do need to study for Japanese. I'm waiting for Hilary to come over so we can do some pilates together... so I think I will study in the meantime. :)

I'm not work again at Myer until Saturday, and I'm looking forward to the "break" from work, as it's quite a draining job. Maybe it's just because I haven't worked this hard since the RPYC (Royal Perth Yacht Club, although I was officially hired/paid by the Hyatt) and that was 2 years ago right before I broke my wrist. Since then, I've been cruising on by at Subway. Now I'm working hard again.

I helped tidy the house today. It's so nice living in a clean house! That being said, it's not so clean that it has that unlived in look. It's still a home. :)

Edit 11:35: here's a good article I just read on Spiritual Passivity for the Christian. Boundless is a good resource; I recommend it to anyone who has a bit of time and is interested in such topics pertaiting to young adult Christians.