December 1st, 2007

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Opinion call

Opinions please: when are matters of daily life things that require not disclosing?

There's a matter close to my heart at the moment, that I don't think should be disclosed to the general public, despite my desire for my side to be heard by those who are already in the know, though not knowing through my doing.

Maybe because hearing my side of the story requires pointing the finger, as well as looking to my own guilt, something that I don't think should be done in this forum. It's a matter that's more complicated than would meet the eye, and so it wouldn't be consicely conveyed in this community. alliteration yay!

From your own experiences, what's your opinion?

In other news, I had to drive Laura's friend home when I arrived home from work today, and then dinner was late. So now I have to hustle out the door and to nicwhite86's 21st!
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