December 2nd, 2007

Claire young glasses

Calender and other things

I'm feeling kinda burnt out. I have been for a while. So I think it's good to take some time for a break.

nicwhite86's 21st was good! I liked the speech. Mostly because it wasn't a speech, more a dialogue, and I interjected quite a number of times *cheeky grin*. Yeah, casual relaxed, good food. It was a really nice evening. Didn't get home till super-late.

Yesterday I actually worked in the department I'm meant to be in! ohmigoodness! kidswear. Man, talk about crazy, apparently we kept it tidy! *shrug* There was no team leader there, and apparently hasn't been one in over a year, but all the full-time staff took care of everyone well enough, because they know what's going on and what's meant to happen. The only down side is I forgot to take my tea-break because no one reminded me and I have no watch. Oh well, I get paid for it anyway, so it's not like I worked for no money.

Oh, and I finished my advent calender.
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