December 3rd, 2007

portman casual

Thoughts for you, no can do!

Today I thought some good thoughts, but then I forgot them when I got home, so you all lose because you won't be enlightened by my brilliant and fantastical brainwaves. Aw, poor you lot! :P

There were waaay too many bad Christmas songs played at work today. They were all non-Christian ones involving reindeers, bells, Santa and snow. I mean, I get that they play them so the Christian ones wont offend, by I find them offensive! Especially when they're SO BAD and played over and over again, and then you get one that you think isn't a Christmas song, but it turns out it is by the not-co-clever inclusive of the word Christmas hidden in the chorus. Man! Makes me want to quit! But no, it's a good job despite the terrible terrible music. I rate the music -10 on a scale of crappy to awesome.

I was in larger women's clothing today. It was a super slow and quiet shift. I put security tags on clothes, put clothes in the wrong areas, got confused a lot, managed to not cause Myer any money loss due to me stuffing up the till but then correcting it (yay!), and I prayed a fair bit too. Despite all my complaining, I did that!

[deletes random thoughts that no one's interested in]

*sigh* I should go to bed because it's getting late and I'm tired :P