December 11th, 2007

Claire looking upwards

Praising and praying

I worked in baby wear today. It was good because it was easy, not busy and the day passed quickly!
On Sunday night the power went out, and I was a little late getting up. It's wasn't too much of a big deal, but I was in a hurry to get to work and I didn't have time to stop for petrol. When I finished work at 1:45, I had to hurry into the city to meet Steve at 2, so I didn't have time to get petrol. I made it into the city, but didn't have time to find a parking spot, so my plan was to park in a 15min parking bay, rush upstairs to say I was here, rush downstairs and find somewhere else to park and then get on with the meeting. But phase two never happened, so I ended up praying that no parking inspector would come by.

Steve and I talked about me going on a short term mission trip to Japan next Christmas holidays for 3 months. That took up a bit of time, and it's quite a process to prepare for it. But I'm looking forward to it. I went back to my car, thanked God for not having a ticket! (Hurrah!) and started driving down St Georges tce to get home. However, my car stalled as it was out of petrol! :( So I ran over to the Duxton across the road, acquired directions for the nearest petrol station, left an apologetic note on my dash in the hopes no one would give me a ticket/wheel clamp because I wasn't meant to be parked there, although I had my hazard lights on. I walked to the petrol station, bought a jerry can and petrol, hiked back to my car, filled up, drove home, collapsed. I'm pretty thankful that I kept my grumpiness at bay for so long. I decided to think of things to thank God for, instead of complaining about my circumstances. It worked pretty well until I arrived home. Hopefully next time I'll do better, but I'm rather please regardless right now!

Tomorrow I have a doc's appointment to check out my foot, although it's been doing better yesterday and today. Then I'm going to Ali's to help construct invitations! :) Yay for the rain!

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yay, lots of people! I took my list from my "mutual friends". Complain loudly if you're not there. I've either not added you, or you haven't added me. :)

I think I have a cold :(

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