December 24th, 2007

Claire young smile

Jesus is Lord, Creation's voice proclaims it!

Remember Jesus. Not just that he was born, but that he died. If not for the Resurrection, then there would be no meaning to Christmas. No point in making such a celebration of things. Christmas is also about family. Rejoicing in the adoption Christians have into the family of God. We have new life, because Jesus had life on this earth, and still lives today! That is why we celebrate.

Not just the birth of a good man or prophet. But the birth of our Saviour from sin and this world. Our promise and hope of new life after this one. Counting down the days till Christmas on my advent calender had reminded me to count down the days till Jesus comes again, to bring Heaven to this miserable world. That is a hope of Christmas. A celebration of God come to us once, and a reminder that he will come again to us. He has kept previous promises, He will keep this one too. He is a faithful and just God. Praise be to Jesus! The King and Lord who rules even now, though you don't know it. Praise be to Him, because one day you will kow it, and every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!