January 6th, 2008

Dr Who tea

My weekend events. Work, going away party and church

Dad's USB hub and cup warmer that I gave him for Christmas broke, so I emailed a very nice email to ThinkGeek explaining the problem and asking what could be done about it. They sent a polite email back asking me if I wanted a replacement to be mailed to me, or money to be returned to my credit card. As I don't have to pay for shipping for the hub, I'm getting another one! Yay! I'm so glad that everything was resolved smoothly.

I looked at my roster for work ages ago and thought that on Saturday I wasn't meant to start until 12. However they must have changed the roster at some point without updating staff and I was actually meant to start at 10. So I rocked up to work 2 hours late. I was chatting to the girl I was working with and she was telling me that she was so sure she was supposed to be working on Thursday, so she took the bus in but when she got there, she wasn't rostered on. So I reckon they did change the roster without telling people, which makes me feel a whole lot better about being there late, because it wasn't my fault. I remember checking the roster several times and being surprised at only working ten hours for the whole week. I even wrote that down on my little piece of paper. Silly work!

Last night Mum and Dad had a farewell party. Quite a number of people came and brought their kids. I was a bit unsure as to whether I was an "old kid" or "young adult" but I ended up leading the kids (older teenagers for the most part) in a card game and then in Munchkin. It was pretty cool and a good evening. I'm pretty sure they all enjoyed it more than they would have otherwise.

Turns out Kate, one of my family's friends is going to Murdoch this year and has every intention of joining MCU and MARS! We were very excited about this last night! Yay for Kate coming to Murdoch! whoo hoo!

This morning was the kick-off for Three Crosses Church, the brand new church in Murdoch. It was at a house and quite a nice experience. I remembered most names and made some new friends. I'm very glad to be a part of it. After church was the beach where I didn't put on sunscreen and am now a bit burnt. After that was kids church and then Unichurch. Now I am home! Hurrah!

Tomorrow is the start of the move into Hammy Hill. I'm rather excited! On Wednesday, Brittany and I are (hopefully) going climbing, so I'm looking forward to that. This is looking to be a good week. Finally, I ought to be hearing back regarding this issue (need to be logged in to see), so I would appreciate many prayers. :) That is all!