January 7th, 2008

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Are we moving yet?

Turns out today isn't the start of moving into Hammy Hill. The previous tenants have left some furniture and are refusing to move it. They were meant to have already moved it, but they didn't. So the real estate agents are going to get some removalists in to take it out within the week.


I want to start setting up house! *pouts*
However, I am blessed because it means another week of saving rent. Furthermore, this week isn't because of Heather not being here, but because of the other tenants, therefore, not my fault!

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Cooking Day

Gah! So bored today!! I brought in some boxes from the shed to start packing, but I really couldn't be bothered packing up my lovely books, so I cooked instead. I made a Vietnamese Chicken Salad from my Women's Weekly cookbook and Crunchy Thai Chicken from Donna Hay for dinner because Dad was very picky and lampooned all my other suggestions. I've made the Thai Chicken before and it was much better then. I dunno what the difference is because I made them both so long ago. Could be that I forgot a couple of ingredients, like the kamfir lime leaves... but I cannot remember well enough. Oh, I think last time I may have let the chicken sit in the thai coating for a couple of hours in the fridge... so maybe that was the difference. Or that could have been another recipe.

What a slow day!

The Vietnamese Chicken Salad was SO GOOD! I ate most of it and left some for Mum's dinner at work tonight (she has other food too). It was so good I'm going to give you the recipe so you can all make it at home. Yes, I'm so bored that I'm going to copy it out for you!
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There you have it!

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My cooking frenzy today has me longing for a family of my own. To pack lunch boxes and cook muffins for children coming home from school. I pray that one day I can be a wife and mother. That would be pretty awesome I reckon.