January 23rd, 2008

buffy yeah

Update Everyone! I'm not dead!

Alright, I have been dead to the internet for the past week and a half, and I shall continue to be dead for a little while longer. I am enjoying my garden very much. With the help of many friends, I have cleared loads of space for a vegetable garden, as well as many flower beds that I think have been forgotten for quite some time. I've planted orange and lime trees next to the existing lemon tree, as well as a passionfruit vine near the kitchen window. My bedroom is all set up, and I'm working on the spare room that we're using as a study. We have a spare couch and bed in there, as well as our desks. Kitchen still needs a bit of work to do, and I must admit, I'm not sure if I should be unpacking Heather's things, or if she'd prefer to do it. I already did the fridge... But stepping around them is getting a little troublesome.

Attiucs WAS coping very well with moving until Cuda, Heather's dog moved in. He's been so anxious and stressed about it. Cuda slept over someone else's houe last night and Atty was all purring and cuddly with me when I went to bed. He kept waking me up during te night because of it! But it was super cute :D

I planted a bunch of seeds in pots, and some of them have started to poke out from the soil. It's all VERY exciting!

I am rather in love with this house. I hope I don't move from it.

Furthermore, regarding my uni predicamint, everything has turned out very well and my appeal was upheld! I am so very blessed right now!! :D