January 25th, 2008

christian bale equilibrium

I'm connected again! *puts internet plug back into brain*

Hello everyone. I know has internets! w00t!
Last night I invited greygnome to come over for dinner and asked him to give us a wireless LAN in our house. I went and bought a router for the house at a very good price from Office Works. So Gene came, had kangaroo roasts with myself and Heather, made wireless work. Then we went to ceroc and I had a blast being leg into all these jumps and lifts and oh-so-many-twirls! I had an absolute blast. This one guy who asked me to dance, I thought he was a beginner, but then he turned out not to be and whoo-hoo! I had so much fun! Now my feet hurt and I have to work today. :P I'm sure no one will mind if I wear my old-but-more-comfortable shoes to work... :D

Atticus I think is coming to terms with dog-in-house by still calling this house home and not running away. But I think time will tell as to whether he continues to think that. My work/study area is mostly set up now, which is good and comforting for little me.

I'm rather excited about getting stuck into uni, but also a bit apprehensive regarding keeping up with the work load. I hope I can do it alright.