January 27th, 2008

Elliot finger

Happenings of the not-so-strange

Living with Heather has been going pretty well so far. We've been getting on all right. Today I did the dishes and then swept and mopped the kitchen. I'm hoping to vacuum the carpet in a little bit. When I worked late this past week, she did some more unpacking, so the house is taking shape. :)

My little seeds are slowly growing up. I decided to replant my carnation and strawberry seeds, as nothing as sprung up from them. But the Hollyhocks and coming up nicely and the Delphinium are starting to sprout too! There's plenty of teeny tiny Heartsies popping up from the soil too. My lime, orange, fig and passion fruit trees aren't dead yet and I'm hope they stay alive, even grow some too. :D

Church this morning went well. I'm very pleased to be a part of a small church plant. I was invited over for lunch next week and I'm looking forward to going.

Last night I went to Cint's for Australia Day. She lives right next to the Heathcoate (riverside park), so we walked there and watched the fireworks over the river. That was good. She was getting rid of some clothes and she generously let me keep a nice off-white jacket. :D

Friday night was Italian Night at Anna's and that was good fun too. Tom had a 5L bottle of Italian wine to share, thus the theme of the night. It was nice wine, but two glasses was more than enough for me. Anna made the best Tiramasu I've ever had!

Matt and Ali are getting married on Saturday. I can hardly believe how quickly the date has crept up! It's pretty exciting! :D I'm rostered on to work that day because I forgot to ask for it off (what with the date creeping up quickly) but I'm confident of getting it off and I wouldn't miss the wedding for the world!

In a paragraph of introspection, I think I've because less and less bizarre as time goes on. I used to be strange, but I'm not so much anymore. In fact, I'm rather comfortable with who I am. That being said, I'm still working to becoming more Godly and there are still some crinkles that I need to iron out... but overall, I'm pretty content with who I am. There are many things I can find to thank God for (it's not hard :D). I'm definitely a quieter, less rash person than I used to be at 17. It's odd.