February 12th, 2008

Marie Antoinette bath

Domestic Goddess

Today I made Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie!! This is the first ever pie I've ever made ever! And I did it from scratch too! It was very exciting. It tasted good and the pie crust held together nicely and it tasted good! \(^o^)/
It wasn't terribly hard to make, in fact, it was easier than I expected and it turned out better than it looked on Oprah. Yes, I admit it, I managed to get my hands on the idea and recipe by watching day time TV. But ONLY because I haven't had any work and have been bored out of my brain!

Today I went grocery shopping, but before I did, I looked through all the junk mail, hunting out the bargains, then I visited FOUR different places in search of the cheap stuff. Mind you, 3 of those places were in the same shopping complex; Coles, Woolies and the Butchers. But then I drove 2 minutes down the road to the nearest SupaIGA. Ye Gads I live a dull life, but it's also kinda nice; I feel all... domestic. Like I'm some kind of cleaning, cooking, domestic Super-Women Extraordinaire! Such as would rival even Sarah Thorburn herself! But then, I don't watch enough Gilmore Girls (or any) for that to happen. And I don't care about matching a blue cake stand with the cake. ;)

Tomorrow I might be visiting Jacinta, who has bruised her ribs from coughing too much. She has her knitting, I have my cross stitch, we have movies to watch. It's a domestic date! Hurrah!